Are Bed Bugs Snacking on You While You Sleep?

Get bed bug treatment in Fairfield County, Carroll & Lancaster, OH

Do you wake up with small, red bug bites on your body? Have you been finding small blood spots on your bedding? If so, you may have bed bugs.

A&R Pest Solutions, LLC can help by providing bed bug treatments for your home in Fairfield County, Carroll & Lancaster, OH. Schedule an appointment with our bed bug control experts right away. And don't forget to ask for a free estimate.

Put your trust in our thorough process

Bed bugs can be tricky to get rid of. That's why we have a thorough bed bug treatment process that includes:

Inspecting the entire home to find all infestations uses heat treatment to exterminate bed bugs
Applying a liquid treatment
Following up a week later and spot treating, if necessary
Following up two weeks later to ensure the infestation is completely gone

Want to learn more about our bed bug control services? Talk to our team right away. We'll gladly answer your questions.

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